Our service philosophy.

Alexander HealthCare Group is a specialty boutique search firm with a focus in medical communications.
We don’t simply bump job orders against a database to deliver your next employee. We learn your individual talent requirements at a very granular level. We listen for cues about your team’s culture and mission. And we know the candidates we present to you. They’ve shared their achievements and aspirations with us. We’ve challenged them to show us how they are making a difference and adding value in their field. That’s why we’re confident when we present them, and selective about which opportunities we pursue for them.

While we act as agents on behalf of our clients, we recognize the intertwined needs of both the hiring institution and the candidate. We realize that it’s only when these needs are aligned that great, enduring matches happen. That’s why we strive to develop trusting relationships with all of the stakeholders in the process: clients, candidates, referral sources, our industry colleagues, etc. Over time, these trust-based connections yield good outcomes for everyone.

Resources and fee model.

Alexander HealthCare Group maintains collaborative ties to a network of independent affiliate offices across the United States. These recruiting partners can be leveraged when the timing or scope of a search require it. We also use a mix of traditional research methods combined with the latest social media practices to locate and engage with candidates.

Quality matches are the primary benchmark of our success. Our contingency fee model underscores our shared risk/reward philosophy when we partner with you on a search assignment. We are confident that our process and resources will deliver results.

Alexander HealthCare Group is positioned to help you with your most challenging placement projects. Please contact us to discuss your needs and our services.