Our approach.

Human capital is the critical driving force behind any successful enterprise. In the healthcare arena, highly skilled, dedicated, and caring professionals will always be the key to better patient care and improved public health. This is true no matter where these professionals practice along the healthcare continuum. It is especially true in the area of medical communications, where the latest findings and research are translated into actionable information that directly influences the standard of care that is delivered.

Alexander HealthCare Group is a boutique executive search firm with a focus in medical communications including continuing medical education (CME/CE), medical affairs, and specialized business development. 

Like the best practitioners of the life sciences, we apply a proven methodology to determine the desired outcome. Then we tailor a specific plan to achieve that result.

We’re in the people business, and our methods reflect that. We tap the efficiencies of a scientific approach, leading edge technology, and a national network of affiliate firms to increase our reach in creating great matches. But throughout it all, we maintain the human dialogue that is essential to a successful career change outcome.

Listen. Match. Place. Succeed.

We begin with astute listening skills to draw out the needs and objectives of each individual client and candidate we represent. For clients: job specifications, educational requirements, previous experience, workplace culture and more are discussed and captured. For candidates: career aspirations, work-life balance, geographical preferences, compensation, and personal development objectives are identified and prioritized.

Next we use powerful technology and tried and true direct contact methods to pinpoint the candidates who are the best fit for each search assignment. When appropriate, we’ll share our experience-based perspectives as a strategic partner in order to challenge and strengthen the search strategy. 

A critical review of the candidate pool allows us to confidently present the most serious and committed individuals to our clients. Our goal is to refer the best available candidates who have the skills, experience, and demeanor to fill each role. This saves an enormous amount of time, effort, and money for all stakeholders in the process.

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