The agent approach.

Top companies will always compete for the best candidates regardless of the prevailing business climate. Savvy employers realize that in order to attract and retain the strongest talent, they must provide an outstanding mix of culture, compensation, work-life balance, and other benefits.

As a strong candidate, how do you identify and target the select opportunities that would be a perfect fit for your unique career goals? Who will help you evaluate and then navigate these opportunities to save you time and effort? Who will advocate on your behalf to separate you from the pack?

At Alexander HealthCare Group, our candidate agent approach differentiates us from the typical “resume mill” type of recruiting office. The strongest candidates are typically too busy to source, evaluate, and get face-to-face with the best career opportunities. We do that for you, after carefully listening to what it is that you want to achieve.

Are you seeking more challenge? A better work environment? More control? Better training and technology? The best benefits? Does your family life create any constraints or flexibility on where you can work—or how much?

As your agent, we’ll take the time to learn what motivates you professionally and personally. Then we’ll get to work using an intelligent blend of tools and techniques to surface the “best fit” options that the market has to offer.

And just to be clear, there is never any fee associated with the candidate services that we provide. We are only compensated by the hiring authority when we help arrange a successful match, so we are motivated to find that optimum fit each and every time.

Your story.

Ultimately, this means that the only risk you take is if you go it alone and possibly miss that next great career move. Let us help you tell your story in the marketplace, and we’ll do our best to turn it into a blockbuster. After all, happy endings are our best source of referrals.

Next step. 

Are you a medical communications professional with a record of success in CME/CE, medical affairs, healthcare publishing, specialized business development, or similar discipline? Are you intrigued by the thought of having your own dedicated career agent?  Submit your resume with complete confidentiality by emailing it to us at Of course, if you prefer, we would welcome your direct call at 301.365.3318.

PS: Thank you. 

Alexander HealthCare Group recognizes the critical role of medical communications in the continuum of professionals who bring knowledge, education, comfort, health, and hope to healthcare consumers. Through your dedication and commitment to your individual calling, you help raise the standard of care and make meaningful contributions to better outcomes in public health. Thank you for the important work you do!