Focused in purpose.

Alexander HealthCare Group is a boutique search firm with a focus in medical communications including continuing medical education (CME/CE), medical writing, medical affairs, publishing, and specialized business development.


We operate on a national scope, serving clients and career seekers across the United States. Through our relationships with a national network of independent healthcare search firms, Alexander HealthCare Group provides an enormous force-multiplying advantage to our candidates and hiring authorities.

Game changers.

Our search practice specializes in senior-level positions. These are the roles filled by elite individuals who lead and influence our clients’ management teams, their business development efforts, and their strategic direction. Not all search firms are qualified to operate at this level, where nuance, insight, and deft communication skills are critical to success. Alexander HealthCare Group is completely in its element when working in this space.

The individuals and organizations utilizing our specialized search services form a cross-section of diverse perspectives, goals, and objectives. Armed with this insight, we tailor our efforts to the unique yet intertwined needs of both the candidate and the institutional hiring authority. When these needs are brought into alignment, enduring matches happen. Game-changing contributions and true career fulfillment are natural outcomes of this approach.

Learn more about our relationship-based approach to landing the healthcare industry’s most sought-after yet often elusive candidates. Please call or email us today. We look forward to meeting you.